Covid19 trends across European islands

The islands coronavirus resilience

This chart shows new COVID19 cases trends across major European islands (excluding Ireland). It’s built following these Financial Times charts that monitor spread of COVID19 in the various states of the world. This type of graph provides the comparison between different trends by starting the series from a common point, in this case from the day on which 10 cases were registered cumulatively.
Islands can be places where pandemic control is facilitated and the reduction of cases accelerated with targeted policies of social distancing and monitoring. .
One heterogeneous set of islands, which differ from each other in terms of population size, density, and structure, was taken into consideration. Some have adopted different contrast policies: in Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands and Cyprus a total lockdown has been imposed (at different times), while Malta and Iceland have adopted milder measures for social distancing. .
The Icelandic approach represents a unique case in the global context: a very large number of tests are used, also supplemented by sample survey testing among the population.